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Ifor Williams Unbraked Range



The Ifor Williams unbraked trailer range provides a low-cost entry into towing for thousands of new users every year.


Many owners have chosen these trailers for their ease of handling and towing plus their value for money. The extensive features add up to make an unbraked trailer the ideal choice for the smaller load.

Quality Matters

There are many small lightweight trailers on the market today, but very few can boast the strength, durability and longevity provided by the Ifor Williams unbraked range. The multi purpose unbraked range has proven itself capable of withstanding the daily rigours of the professional user for many years.


Easy to Tow

If you have a driving licence for a car, then you can tow an unbraked trailer* - minimum requirement of licence is Category B.


Choice of Designs

We offer a choice of unbraked trailers. Our P5, P6e, P7e and P8 e are unbraked trailers with the wheels positioned to the side of the trailer body. Our Eurolight trailers have the wheels underneath the trailer body. The choice is yours: The lower bed height and the ramp options are a feature of the 'P' range; the extra versatility of removable sides and narrower towing width are particular benefits of the Eurolight range.


We also manufacture a popular unbraked box van, BV64, deals of which can be found on our Box Van page.


* Always refer to the towing vehicle manufacturers handbook for maimum unbraked towing limit.

Practical and versatile flatbed trailer with wheels tucked underneath trailer body for narrower towing width.


6'6" x 4' and 8' x 4' models.


Maximum Gross Weight 750kg



Compact and convenient trailer designed for domestic use and light commercial duties.


5ft x 3'4"


Maximum Gross Weight 500kg



Larger, stronger and tougher than trailers typically sold at your local DIY or car parts superstore, the P6e, P7e and P8e are small trailers with big hearts.


6' X 4'

7' X 4'

8' X 5'


Maximum Gross Weight 500kg or 750kg



Small enough to tow conveniently behind your car, providing 2.3m3 of space, this box van is ideal for leisure, domestic or small business users.


6' x 4' single axle with a Maximum Gross Weight of 500kg



Ifor Williams Trailers Suffolk
Agroco Trailers, Ipswich Road, Needham Market, Suffolk IP6 8EL
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