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Livestock Trailer Hire


Our Ifor Williams Q8 Trailer is available for hire from just £54 per day! 



Need a trailer to move some livestock or 8x4 Sheets?

Hire from us!

qsheep (2).png

Why hire a livestock trailer?


  • Affordable - no initial outlay for a new trailer. 

  • Flexibility - use it when you need it. 

  • The upkeep and servicing is done by us.

  • No issues with finding somewhere to store it.

  • No worries over security - no need to buy security products (we provide you with a hitchlock).

Call us to book on 01473 657571

Ifor Williams Q8

Livestock/General Duty Trailer



  • 8'6" x 4'8" Bed Size

  • Maximum gross weight of 1000kg

  • Can carry loads of up to 610kg

  • Single Axle

  • Comes with as standard:

    • Cross Division (with built in stock  door)

    • Roof Rack

    • Loading Gates

    • Prop Stands

    • Drop Down Side Panels

General variant, can come with or without, roof rack, drop down solid sides

Ideal little trailer from moving quad bikes, 8x4 sheet material, lawnmowers, etc.




Q8 1

Q8 1

Q8 2

Q8 2



Q8 5

Q8 5

Q8 3

Q8 3



​All Ifor Williams Livestock Trailers fully comply with Council Regulation (EC) No.1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations, as required by the Welfare of Animals (Transport) England Order 2006. This applies to journey times which are less than 8 hours. 



Ifor Williams Trailers Suffolk
Agroco Trailers, Ipswich Road, Needham Market, Suffolk IP6 8EL
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