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The new HBE has been designed with a distinctly European feel. This superbly engineered horsebox includes all the strength, durability and comfort you would expect from any Ifor Williams Trailers product, and with a host of intelligent features the HBE is superb value for money. 

The sides, floor and ramp of the HBE range are manufactured entirely from aluminium planking. This lightweight structure provides clean modern lines, making the horsebox easy to tow without compromising on strength. The sides and ramp are all anodized to give a smooth and sophisticated finish which is easy to maintain. The chassis and body have been designed and engineered with weight and strength considerations at the forefront, providing a safe, strong and solid construction. 

The HBE includes a streamlined aluminium body and a stylish one-piece roof, all combined with features that offer unparalleled comfort for your horse and remarkable ease of use and versatility for you. 

Our uncompromising commitment to safety means that we subject all of our horsebox trailers to rigorous testing at our own facilities as well as independent test tracks for complete piece of mind. 

New Features

HBE Silver roller shutter blind_edited.j

Rear Roller Blind Mesh Screen


One-piece Roof


Front Panel

Tack Locker HBX511.JPG
Rotating Catches.JPG
Aluminium Planks.JPG
Combined Ramp.JPG
Combined Ramp.JPG
Combined Ramp.JPG

Tack Locker

Aluminium Planking

Rotating Catches

Combination Doors

HBE Trailer Brochure


For more details and specifications please download the brochure. 

To obtain a price or to place an order please call us on 01473 657571

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