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Agroco Trailers have a second to none workshop facility, offerering our customers a first rate one stop servicing centre. All of our trailer technicians have been fully trained and approved by Ifor Williams at the training centre in North Wales and by Suzuki ATV.




Small Unbraked     -      £57.00 plus VAT

Single Axle Braked -     £80.00 plus VAT

Twin Axle Braked   -      £120.00 plus VAT

Tri-Axle Braked      -      £138.00 plus VAT


Replacement parts are charged for accordingly. We always contact the customer before going ahead with any work.

Trailer and Quadbike Servicing



As with all trailers, servicing depends on the amount of use, but we advise adopting a regular service schedule, as you would with your car. It is important to remember that trailers are road going vehicles and servicing ensures that they are always road safe. Motor insurance companies now require you have your trailer serviced every 12 months.

We carry a large stock of replacement parts and most mechanical repairs can be carried out the same day. 


We offer courtesy trailers if you need to continue work whilst your trailer is being serviced.


If you feel confident to service your own trailer, please visit our online shop for all your replacement parts.



To book your trailer in for a service please call our service team on 01473 657571

Ifor Williams Trailers Suffolk
Agroco Trailers, Ipswich Road, Needham Market, Suffolk IP6 8EL