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Unbraked Eurolight

Optional Equipment

Ifor Williams

Unbraked Eurolight

Most unbraked trailer designs have wheels that are positioned at the side of the trailer, our P5, P6e, P7e and P8e trailers feature this type of design. However there are some distinct benefits to having wheels tucked under the bed of the trailer:


  • Narrower to tow - will go through narrow gates, or into garages more readily.

  • Sides can be removed - easier to load - including by forklift.

  • Higher bed height - less stooping down to pick up heavy or awkward loads. 



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The Eurolight trailers comprise a range of practical and versatile flat bed trailers. Most of the trailers in the range are braked, but the two smallest bed sizes (7ft x 4ft and 12ft x 5ft) are also available without brakes. This means they offer the economy of an unbraked trailer and yet have the same sturdy chassis of our braked trailer range.


The Eurolight trailers feature the Ifor Williams beam axle and have parabolic leaf spring suspension. The larger of the two trailers, has a bed size which can carry standard building sheets (typical size of 2.4m x 1.2m).  

Prop Stands (Pair)

Dropsides, Tailboard & Headboard

Lashing Rings

Treadplate Flooring


Mesh Sides

Why Buy?


Our trailers are built to last and should cost you a lot less in the long run compared to trailers built to a lower specification. 


  • Large diameter wheel and tyres - provide a smoother, quieter ride and cope more easily with pot holes.

  • Spare wheel as standard.

  • Professional grade axles - tested to significantly more than rated value.

  • 15mm thick laminate floor, durable and hard wearing for a long life.

  • Wheel bearings rated for 1000kg.

  • Extensive range of accessories - make the trailer suitable for business and leisure applications.


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