Ifor Williams Q5e


The Ifor Williams Q5 is a compact and robust trailer designed for both road use behind a family car or off-road use behind either a quad or ATV.


The trailer is available with either mesh or solid hinged sides as well as stock ramp and propstands.


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The off-road trailer comes without lights or mudguards - meaning it is specifically for off-road use and makes the trailer less expensive and lighter than its road alternative.


There are two options for tyres on the off-road Q5e trailer - either the flotation tyres (20.5 x 11.8) or the knobbly tyres (22 x 11.8). The latter have a very deep tread depth which helps the trailer stay on track behind the towing vehicle in muddy conditions or hilly terrain. The modest payload of the Q5 off road (150kg) is plenty for transporting a number of ewes and lambs or feed across land more easily reached by off-road vehicles The option of a 360 degree swivel hitch for the difficult off-road terrain allows the trailer and ATV or vehicle to safely tackle rough ground when travelling to stock for example.


The road Q5e has a payload of 500kg which is plenty for carrying loads for your wood burning stove or picking up supplies from the garden centre. Strong and robust enough for any loads you use it for yet easily manoeuvrable by hand when needed and stored easily in a garage or shed out the way.

Optional Extras

Stock Ramp

Hinged Mesh Sides

Hinged Solid Sides

Rear Prop Stands

Jockey Wheel 

Internal Partition

Q Range Specifications

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