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KingQuad 500

Power Steering

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The all new KingQuad 500 Power Steering delivers all the great features you would expect from KingQuad but has updates to the chassis, engine and suspension - as well as the addition of electric power steering.


Addition of speed sensitive power steering allows easy maneuvering at low-speed and eliminates bump-steer at higher speeds. The brand new 500cc fuel injected unit gives you the confidence of even more power and torque on demand - muscle when you need it. To deliver power gains across the rpm range, and especially on the top-end, Suzuki engineers made a number of changes to this engine.


The engine’s specially designed cylinder head and piston provide outstanding power and torque across the rev range for making light work of shifting hay bales and heavy kit around the farm.


With plenty of power and precise handling the KingQuad 500 ensures your daily route is anything but routine. When things get serious, the 4-wheel drive, fully independent suspension and advanced engine braking system will overcome the sinking feeling in your stomach on the way up and down misconceiving slopes. The power steering model is perfectly suited to long stretches in the seat or regular riding on bumpy terrain, whilst the standard model is a smart choice for those with less extreme demands, but equal needs for the rest of the great features.

Whichever model you choose, you can rely on the KingQuad 500 to toil long before and past a nine-to-five.


Suzuki electric power steering

The option of speed sensitive power steering allows easy manoeuvring at low-speed and eliminates bump-steer at higher speeds.

Push button 2WD/4WD selection

Whether you need to tread carefully or storm over obstacles, the selectable 2WD/4WD with optional differential lock is at the touch of a button.

493cc fuel injected engine

More power and torque is ideal for towing heavy loads and traversing demanding terrain, the fuel injection supplies it in a controllable manner.

Independent suspension

Fully independent double wishbone front and rear suspension, with 5-way adjustable settings, provides the ultimate comfortable ride even over rough terrain, making it easy to ride all day long.


All Suzuki ATVs come with 2 year warranty and FREE ATV training with the European ATV Safety Institute (EASI).

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