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Check your trailer floor!

Checking your trailer floor could save your horse's life
A horse called Spencer fell through a rotten horsebox floor last month. It was a lucky escape for him and with the help of emergency services was set free - his hing leg went straight through the floor and became trapped within the wheels of the lorry. It is a scary reminder of how important it is to check your trailer or horsebox floor.
Horse owners should regularly check their trailer floors and also wash out their trailers after use so that any urine/muck is removed. 
The latest Ifor Williams horse trailers come with aluminium floors as standard and we believe that this is the safest option out there. Wooden floors can rot and normally have a lifespan of eight years. The older Ifor Trailers have wooden floors however this is not a problem for us as we can replace these with aluminium ones.
We can supply aluminium floor kits and also fit them for you.
We recommend getting your floor checked annually. If you are at all worried about your floor and would like a second opinion please do not hesitate to contact us on 01473 657571.
25th March 2015
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