Diesel Bowser, Adblue

Bunded Bowsers

with Adblue




Site Bowsers or Highway Bowsers with or without Adblue


Manufactured from 3mm steel with flat ends and anti surge baffle plates.


Fitted with either 90 litres per minute hand pump or 12v electric pump, 6m of delivery hose, aluminium trigger nozzle and sight guage. 


All units are gloss painted in a colour of your choice. 


The highway model can be supplied with a 40mm eye or 50mm ball hitch. 


Bowser with Adblue

Extras: draw off and return for generator use, upgrade to 110v pump, digital flow meter for electric pumps or mechanical flow meter.


Both the inner and outer shell are manufactured from 3mm mild steel and the standard life expectancy is likely to exceed 20 years. This represents a long term investment and outstanding value for our customers. All of the units are UN approved for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and are supplied with a unique and fully traceable UN certificate and serial number. 


Average Lead Time is 10 days

Bowser, Adblue
Bowser, Adblue

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