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Saracen Knott-Avonride Hitch Lock

Saracen Knott-Avonride Hitch Lock

£102.00 Regular Price
£78.00Sale Price

The Saracen Knott-Avonride is a high-security caravan/trailer hitch lock. Manufactured using Fullstop Security’s blend of composite metals which are resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing.

The Saracen Knott-Avonride was designed in Purple Line’s UK innovation centre. It is designed to fit Knott-Avonride trailer hitches, and is therefore a perfect fit for the hitch. Despite being designed specifically for Knott-Avonride hitches the Saracen Knott-Avonride can also be used as a generic hitch lock on a large number of other standard/pressed steel/cast trailer hitches up to 3500kg.

Installation includes placing the top half of the hitch shield over the hitch and the bottom half under the hitch before passing the high-security locking barrel through the shield, securing the Saracen.

The Saracen Knott-Avonride comes complete with a free carry case, security hitch ball and lock protector.


The Saracen Knott-Avonride caravan & trailer hitch lock … Universal hitch lock for Knott-Avonride trailer hitches

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