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Ifor Williams Adjuster Post - P00042

Ifor Williams Adjuster Post - P00042


ADJUSTER SHOE POST - 200x50 brake fitted each side of adjuster screw (2 per brake)

  • Details

    200 x 50 brake, fitted each side of the adjuster screw (2 required per brake).

    200 x 50 Brake Assembly (8")

    Used since September 1992 on the following models: BV4 & 5, CT115, CT136SA, CT136,

    Eurolight Range, GD4 & GD5 Range, GD6 (165R13 Wheels), GH Range, GX84, GX85, GX105,

    Horsebox Range, LT Range, LM85G, LM105G, LM125G, TA5G 8', 10' & 12', All Tri-Axle Models.
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