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Ifor Williams

Q6, Q7 and Q8 Road

All three of these trailers are abvailable as either braked or unbraked versions with mudguards and lights ensuring its legality on the road. All braiked versions have a gross maximum weight of 1000kg which is ideal for those heavier loads, whilst the unbraked trailers have a slightly reduced maximum gross weight of 750kg. 


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These trailers have the durable pressure treated timber, renowned Ifor Williams leaf spring suspension and one piece treadplate floor as well as hot dip galvanised finish. All this ensures the trailer's hardiness and reliability for the many tasks it will be used for over the may years it will be in service. 


The Ifor Williams Q7 has been admired by builders for its versatility. The short ramp length on all the Ifor Williams Q range means that a pallet could be loaded straight on to the trailers with ease. The roof and rack option is helpful for keeping plants or other loads dry as well as being able to carry fencing posts or a whole range of other materials*. The numerous tie-down points on the roof and rack allow any load to be secured at any point along. 


The majority of quad bikes will fit inside the Q7 with golf buggies fitting in the Q8.


*The roof and rack has a maximum recommended weight of 50kg and uses two fasteners which are easily removed. 


Q Range Specifications

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