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Optional Extras

Stock Ramp

Rear Prop Stands

Hinged Mesh Sides

Jockey Wheel 

Hinged Solid Sides

Internal Partition

Roof and Rack 

Ramp Gates

Ifor Williams

Q6 & 7 Off-Road

The Q6 and Q7 unbraked off-road trailers come with 20.5 x 8-10 flotation tyres and are not fitted with mudguards or lights. This means they are solely for off-road or off-highway use and come with a range of additional accessories and options.


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The floor is durable pressure treated timber planking covered with aluminium treadplate and both trailers come with formed side panels for extra strength and are hot dip galvanised for the renowned Ifor Williams durability. They have a gross maximum weight of 750kg and feature the exclusive Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf spring suspension system whicxh has been developed and refined for a safe and stable ride. This gives superior durability and reliability over the normal rubber torsion suspension systems found on similar trailers of this size. 


The option of a 360 degree swivel hitch for the difficult off-road terrain allows the trailer and ATV or vehicle to safely tackle rough ground when travelling to stock for example. Both the Q6 & Q7 have the options of either hinged mesh sides or hinged solid sides as wello as a roof and rack, stock ramp with stock door or simply a ramp. The roof and rack* is ideal for carrying feed or fencing posts when animals or other items are inside - it really shows the effectivess of this option - one trip is required instead of two! An internal partition/cross division is also available which has a door to allow sheep through to the front section before loading the second or rear section group.


The applications of this trailer are not just limited agricultural, almost any task or job where materials are to be hauled by an ATV can be accommodated by the Q range of trailers. From farmers to foresters, smallholders to contruction workers there will always be a task for a trailer as versatile as the Q range.


* The roof and rack has a maximum recommended weight of 50kg and uses two fasteners which are easily removed.  

Q Range Specifications

Ifor Williams Trailers Suffolk
Agroco Trailers, Ipswich Road, Needham Market, Suffolk IP6 8EL
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