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IWT KFG35 Coupling Unit (Cast Body) - P00340

IWT KFG35 Coupling Unit (Cast Body) - P00340


KFG35 COUPLING UNIT used on BV6, CT166, CT167, CT177, DP, GH1054, GH6, GX1*5HD, GX6, HB510XL, HB610, LM1*5HD, LM6, LM7, TT105, TT126, TT3017, TT3621, TB 3.5T, TA5HD, TA510, EVENTA, BIAB

2700 - 3500kg GVW Hydraulically damped overrun coupling unit, incorporating energy store handbrake for use with autoreverse brakes and 50mm ball hitch.

  • Details

    Used on:

    BV6 Range

    CT166, CT167, CT177

    DP Range


    GP 6 Range

    GX105HD, GX125HD, GX106, GX106, GX126

    HB510XL, HB610

    LM105HD, LM125HD, LM106, LM126, LM146, LM166

    TA5HD, TA510 10', 12' and 14'

    TT105 and TT126
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