Buckler BBZ6000BL Blue Buckbootz

Buckler BBZ6000BL Blue Buckbootz

These Buckler BBZ6000BL safety wellingtons are part of the “Buckbootz” range. They are knee-high boots in Blue colour that have been designed to not only be safe, but also comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Neoprene is bonded to natural rubber to create these boots: the ultimate in performance and durability!

Neoprene: This offers a high degree of heat, oil and chemical resistance, excellent flexibility in a wide range of temperatures, and remarkable toughness, stretch, insulation and weight-saving.
•Hi-vis lining: the soft area at the top of the boot can be rolled down to reveal a hi-vis material, for extra safety at night
•Comfort and breathability: The Structured Airmesh breathable linings and detachable cushion insoles mean that these boots are very comfortable
•Steel toecap and midsole: these features protect your feet from falling objects and tools as well as sharp objects you may step on.

If you’re looking for a safety wellington boot that can withstand the toughest conditions but remain comfortable, then this is the boot for you!
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