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'The hallmark of an Overlander is that our products are built beyond. When we say 'beyond' we mean better designs, advanced materials and market leading engineering.'

The R160 has been designed from the ground up by an experienced team of engineers and technicians. 

After 5 years of R & D, with personal advice from industry experts, the R160 was created with the true professional in mind. 

Why the Overlander?

One-of-a-kind Panels

The panels have a core of extremely high-density polyurethane with outside steel plate surface layers. The panels, while offering a high tensile strength, are also energy efficient and age-resistant.

These panels are a patent to Overlander and no other manufacturer uses these panels to date. 

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Input and advice from industry experts

These boxes have been tried and tested by professionals, stud yards and race horse owners for 5 years - all have given feedback and the lorries have been altered and perfected. 

The R160 was created with the true professional in mind. 


Real Horsepower

To ensure a smooth and quality drive, the R160 is built on a brand new ​Peugeot Boxer Platform Cab. As different from a car and trailer, you can drive the R160 on a standard licence. 

Providing excellent performance and increased efficiency, the R160 is built on a 2.0L Blue HDI diesel engine, with manual transmission offering 160 BHP and meeting the latest Euro 6 emission regulations. 


Large Rear Door - Emergency Horse Exit

With safety in mind, the R160 has a large rear door for easy access with tack & water and quick safe exit in emergency scenarios.


With a unique GRP rear trim with embedded lamps the R160 is stylish and modern. The rear door is secured with industrial grade hinges and as standard comes with a secure retainer hold catch.


Cab & Interior including Interior and Reversing Camera

Our Peugeot Boxer cabs offer modern comforts with plenty of storage space, Air-conditioning as standard, Dual passengerseat, DAB Radio with USB inputs & AUX, Steering wheel controls and extended wing mirrors for increased visibility and safety. With the safety of the horse at the fore front, we have installed our approved camera monitoring system for complete piece of mind which also doubles as a reverse camera.


Red Calming Lights 

Composite internal roof coving with 3 white operating lamps and 2 red calming lamps. 


A unique flex screed rubber flooring is a high strength cushioned seamless and completely sealed rubber flooring system specially designed for horsebox us. The R160 floor provides the comfort and strength of rubber mating in a fully seamless sealed bonded system. The flooring is long lasting and easily repaired. Our drain system ensures that the floor is correctly maintained and designed for longevity.

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Most features are standard but find below a few optional extras:


  • Design your own R160 with colourful graphic wrap options.


Or choose to go for a bespoke paint job.

Your chosen colour engrained into the reinforced composite panelling of the Gate & Door stall system.

Thousands of colours available on request.


  • Approved TowBar Kit.


  • E-Leather Cab Seat upholstery.

Are there any optional extras?


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